Awake Groups

The AWAKE Program is a Sleep Apnea Patient Support Group for Contra Costa County. It is a mutual-help support group for people coping with a variety of sleep-related disorders, although the primary focus is on sleep apnea. The AWAKE Program provides a forum for education and support for patients, family members, and others interested in the sleep-disorder community.
Contra Costa Sleep Center provides patients who elect to receive information with the latest AWAKE group meetings as well as copies of the Sound Sleeper Newsletter.
The Sound Sleeper Newsletter is distributed quarterly to patients on our mailing list. The Newsletter provides the latest information on Sleep Apnea and such related topics.
The AWAKE Group meets quarterly in the John Muir Medical Center. If you’d like to join the mailing list, a Sound Sleeper Newsletter will be sent to you each quarter, along with the next AWAKE Meeting Announcement.

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