Sleep Center Studies

Most patients referred to a sleep center are being evaluated for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. Therefore, the procedure is performed in this fashion unless stated otherwise by your physician.

You are greeted by a medically trained greeter, who assists in completing paperwork. Then you are given a tour of the facility, escorted to the study bedroom, and introduced to the technician who will administer the testing. You are asked to complete a questionnaire and then witness a video regarding sleep apnea.

If you feel that you will have difficulty falling asleep, and in accord with the policy of the sleep center, you will be offered a sleeping pill (Ambien). This will not affect your sleep study.

In the morning you and the technologist will discuss your readiness to drive home. You are introduced to a comfortable fitting mask – this is to determine the optimal fit if, in fact, CPAP is indicated.

Electrodes are applied in order to monitor the following:

  • Brain waves
  • Eye movements
  • Chin muscle tone
  • Nasal airflow
  • Abdominal and chest movements
  • EKG (heart)
  • Leg movements
  • Oxygen level
  • Body position

1-2 hours of data are collected while you are sleeping.

If there is sufficient evidence for sleep apnea, you will be awakened and asked to put on your CPAP mask.

You then return to sleep and the technician titrates the pressure introduced through the mask in order to eliminate apneas and snoring.

Data is collected for another 4 hours while you are on CPAP. At the conclusion of the study, we will be able to recommend the optimal pressure setting that eliminates apneas and snoring. The study usually ends after 6 hours. Every 30 seconds of the study is analyzed and data is tabulated.The data is then forwarded to the interpreting physician, who is a sleep specialist.

The report is finalized and mailed to the ordering physician, to your Primary Care Physician if requested, and to you if you have completed the self-addressed envelope to receive the report.

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