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In detail…

As one of the largest Sleep Centers in Northern California, Contra Costa Sleep Center offers the expertise, professionalism and responsiveness to ensure that your patients receive the best possible care for any sleep disorder.

Our Medical Staff has perhaps the largest number of Board Certified Sleep Physicians in the private setting.

Our Center can serve your needs as follows:

A simple testing facility, where we provide an interpretation of the sleep study, along with specific recommendations for appropriate therapy.

Or, if you choose, we will see your patient in consultation, arrange for the study, and also arrange for follow-up visits in order to monitor appropriate therapy such as CPAP compliance.

We provide a full range of studies for sleep disorders, and can arrange for our affiliated staff members to provide a sleep dentistry consult.


  • We are not a chain.
  • We are not simply a testing Lab, without on site physicians.
  • We are not affiliated with testing labs with multiple sites in the Bay area.


We are a nationally Accredited Sleep Center, serving the John Muir /Mt Diablo service area.

A benefit of the working with the Contra Costa Sleep Center is that our friendly staff is always available to assist you, your staff or your patient. We are a 24/7 facility, open during the day, as well as the evening.

Test results are expeditiously provided in an easy to read and understandable format.

Our Center is easy to find, and provides ample safe parking. Since the study is usually just one night, the “drive” to Walnut Creek should not be burdensome.

If you ever have any questions regarding Sleep Medicine or our Sleep Center, would like either a phone call or a personal visit to your office to discuss sleep testing, please call me directly at the Sleep Center. Either I, or one of the other Staff Physicians, will promptly respond to your call.

Michael L Cohen, M.D.

Diplomat, American Board of Sleep Medicine
Medical Director, Contra Costa Sleep Center