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SLEEPINESS DESPITE CPAP “Nobody who has Sleep Apnea and sleeps with a CPAP machine is normal!” was the provocative opening statement by Dr. Fred Nachtway in his talk before the Support Group at the January 17th meeting. He went on to explain the subject of his talk would be to assist patients in achieving as […]

THIS ISSUE IS DEVOTED TO THE GREATEST BARRIER TO EFFECTIVE SLEEP APNEA TREATMENT ! COMPLIANCE (def): the act of conforming or agreeing to do something The treatment of Sleep Apneas involves three steps; Diagnosis (professional medical identification of your condition), Prescription (the therapy required to control your symptoms) and, lastly, and most importantly, Compliance (your […]

WHAT’S NEW AT THE 7th ANNUAL VENDOR FAIR A packed crowd found their way through the John Muir Medical Center construction maze to the Ball Auditorium for the 7th Annual Vendor Fair. Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Covidien and the Contra Costa Sleep Center were represented. Res Med was unable to make it this year. Matt […]