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In use in Europe for sometime, and in the U.S. since 2004 as a treatment for snoring, the Pillar® procedure for palatal implants was given FDA approval in February 2004 as a treatment for mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. However, a wide range of opinion exists in the medical community concerning its long-term […]

SCIENTISTS TO ZAP TONGUE TO STOP SLEEP APNEA (from AP 12.28.10) Scientists are testing whether an implanted pacemaker-like device might help Sleep Apnea patients keep their airways open by zapping the tongue during sleep. As one of the main causes of obstructive sleep apnea is that the tongue and throat muscles relax too much during […]

ANNUAL VENDOR FAIR SHOWS WHAT’S NEW! Once again the summer support group meeting was devoted to the annual vendor fair showcasing what’s new in CPAP equipment. This year Matt Chirco of Oxygen Plus led the meeting. Three vendors were present this year; ResMed, Philips/ Respironics and Fisher & Paykel. ResMed Laurie Messerling from ResMed provided […]

Q & A AT APRIL SUPPORT GROUP MEETING Dr. Fred Nachtway, a Pulmonary Disease specialist in the John Muir Physician Network led an evening of Questions & Answers at the Spring (April) Support Group meeting. One of the advantages of the Sleep Apnea Support Group is interfacing in an informal setting with specialists in the […]

CPAP AND A STUFFED UP NOSE (some research by the editor) One of the most frequent complaints of CPAP users is of nasal congestion during, or immediately after, using CPAP. An examination of this problem proved it is far more complex as to the cause and solution than first imagined. There have been only a […]