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Editors Comment It seems that there has been a proliferation of new lightweight CPAP masks and nasal pillows – some even in shades of pastel. This is perhaps an improvement for those patients that can use them. For those of us, and I am one of them, who move about while sleeping the older more robust mask and/or nasal pillow assembly seems […]

“Everything you need to know about CPAP – But were afraid to ask!” founders of the Sleep Apnea Patient Support Group 19 years ago), ably assisted by Bill Stoll of Timberlake Respiratory Care gave an excellent presentation to the Support Group at the spring meeting on “Everything you need to know about PAP.” Lori traced […]

Why a Sleep Apnea Diagnosis May Save Your Life by Yoni Freedhoff, MD (assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Ottawa) in U.S. News& World Report – Feb 7, 2013 It’s one of the most under diagnosed conditions around, and I’d argue that, in a sense, the diagnosis of sleep apnea is more […]

DRUG MAY AID SLEEP APNEA AT ALTITUDE (The following article may be of interest to those who have occasion to be at altitudes above 5000′) People with sleep apnea can safely travel to high altitudes with the help of a diuretic and a commonly used breathing device, a new study from Switzerland suggests. Researchers found acetazolamide […]

VENDOR FAIR FEATURES NEW CPAP MASKS The July Support Group meeting hosted the annual Vendor Fair and was attended by representatives from Respironics, ResMed, the Contra Costa Sleep Center and Oxygen Plus, Inc. The manufacturers present displayed and demonstrated their new CPAP masks and existing line of CPAP machines. Doug Lockwood from Respironics presented their […]